Your VOTE Paves the Way for a
BETTER Mahoning County

A proposed 0.25% sales tax for a period of 5 years to be placed on the November ballot.

The Mahoning County Township Association (MCTA) has partnered with the Mahoning County Engineer’s Office (MCEO) to support a 0.25% sales tax which would be SOLELY committed to roadway infrastructure including:

This tax would change the face, future and functional infrastructure of Mahoning County. As a Resident for Better Roads, your vote for Issue 1 will improve the infrastructure necessary for attracting and retaining businesses and drastically improving the safety of our roadways. We, as a County, cannot rely on the State and Federal governments to fix our problems. We need to take on this challenge ourselves in order to see real, actual results.

Road in the Mountains
Road Repair Team

Solely Committed to Roadway Infrastructure

The Monies generated to improve our roadways and infrastructure would have a TREMENDOUS impact on Police, Fire, and First Responders

This money collected on this tax CANNOT BE USED for salaries, equipment or buildings.

Generating Approximately $8-9 Million Per Year Dedicated to Roadway Safety and Infrastructure​

All Allowable Uses


Sidewalks, ADA Ramps, Striping, Lighting, Signage and Signals.


Paving, Chip & Seal, Crack Sealing, Fog Sealing, Berming, Grinding, Widening, Base Repair, Materials (Asphalt, Stone, etc.), Engineering, Ditch Repair, Storm Sewer, Tree Trimming, Drainage Structures (Culverts, Manholes, Catch Basins, Inlets),
Testing to allow for Coring, CBR, Compaction, Mix Design, etc. to determine a BMP for the repair.

Grants & Loans

Local Match, Application Fees and Loan Payments.


Bridge Rehab & Painting, Expansion Joints, Engineering, and Bridge Replacement.

Our 5 Year Plan

Servicing all 14 Townships and paving hundreds of miles of roads

Proposed Sales Tax County Road Map
Pen checking a box for yes

Vote "YES"
on issue one
November 2nd.